My current OTT TB was reaching the ripe old age of 19, and I decided it was probably about time to put feelers out to find my next equestrian partner. After 13 years together (and counting) it was going to be quite a task to find another horse.

Once I had decided that I definitely wanted another OTT TB, it wasn’t long before I came across Abey Performance Horses. I had competed against Lou in show jumping many times over the years and knew her to be a wonderful horse woman. After contacting Lou, I filled in her application form to hopefully match me with a new mount and left it in the lap of the gods. Lou came back to me the next day and suggested that I might like to try APH Woody.

At 17.1hh I will admit I was a little intimidated by the dinosaur but thought ‘you can only try right?!’. I organised a ride (between lockdowns) and couldn’t believe that Woody was so lovely, so quiet and sensible for a then 3 year old.

I brought back a friend to view him a second time to make sure I wasn’t mad and he was just as Lou had described him, the sweetest, most honest horse a girl could ask for.
Turns out he is lovely in every aspect and exactly as advertised. I picked him up the very next day.

Everyone that meets him, loves him and everywhere he goes he never changes. Typhoon, Ty as he now goes by, makes me fall in love with him a bit more everyday.