Husson Eagle

When my old OTT needed to be retired for his own wellbeing and mine, I was devastated and left without a jumping horse to take me further in my goals. He was a very special horse so we knew it would take time to find another to replace him.

Mum spotted Husson Eagle on Abey Equestrian’s Facebook posts and started following his progress as she was really impressed with his jumping form, especially after only a few weeks retraining. So I went and rode him a couple of times and the second time I also rode Boomer’s Design which then made me confused as to which horse I should get. The third time I took my sister and she fell in love with Boomer too so we just decided to get both!

I’m a nervous jumper and I don’t have heaps of confidence when jumping new horses, but I took him to a clinic two days after I got him home, and he jumped 85cm easily and so smoothly that I immediately felt comfortable with him. We have been to several clinics since with different instructors and each instructor has loved him and remarks on his movement and jumping ability.

I thought I would never be able to find a horse to replace my beautiful Roxy but Eagle’s sweet nature and willingness to please me has seen me bond with him really quickly and I absolutely adore him and Boomer. I am looking forward to seeing what we are both able to achieve together and will be forever grateful to Lou for helping him to come into our lives.