La Popette

Trying to buy a horse during Melbourne’s never ending COVID lockdown almost became too difficult. That was until I stumbled across Lou and her amazing team at Abey Performance Horses and Beyond Racing.

I haven’t owned my own horse for a very long time so I was probably one of those annoying people who had a million questions and was very nervous about finding the right horse for my middle aged needs! Lou was super helpful from the very start. She told me that the horse I initially saw online was sold but to keep an eye out for another mare she had just started working with – La Popette.

So, I watched and waited for social media posts about La Popette. (No travel beyond 5km was allowed at this time). The minute I saw her on Instagram I knew I needed to find out more. This is when I started with even more the questions! How Lou found the time to answer them all I don’t know! What was so great though was Lou’s honesty and knowledge. I felt completely trusting of the information she was giving me. So much so, that I bought La Popette over the phone, without ever meeting Lou or my new horse! Something I categorically swore I would never do!

La Popette stayed on with Lou and completed some further training so I felt super confident with my decision to take her on. Lou sent me regular updates the entire time. She really does care about the horses that come through the programme and where they go once sold. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I now have the most beautiful horse that is exactly as Lou said she would be. We will not be competing at the Olympics anytime soon but I have the calm, trainable, sweet horse that I asked for and she will stay with me forever. I also feel very proud that I have a horse that can live a wonderful life after horse racing. Thank you so much.